"Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation"




We are a family of Christian Churches that walk in cooperation, love and covenant. Our affinity is based on the following aspects:


We are more like a family rather than an organization. That is, we are together because we want to be together. We acknowledge paternity and authority among us spontaneously and not by denominational imposition.


We are charismatic. We believe, experience, and enjoy the move of the Holy Spirit today. His gifts, His manifestations and the experience of the Baptism in the Spirit realities are fundamental to the success of the Church.


The practice of life groups. Despite the controversy and confusing terminology throughout the past few years, the simplest way to involve every believer for the performance of his priesthood in the Church is through life groups. The Church of Acts was not templist nor clerical, neither do we want to be.


We live in the restoration of the Church. Thus, we are inclusive, ie, we see ourselves as part of the Church. We are part of the result of centuries of work of the Holy Spirit in history. We have a lot of the Reformation, the later movements, Baptist and Presbyterian, Methodist and Pentecostal. Today, we are determined to serve the Body of Christ which is His Church, with a perspective of love and openness.


Marcelo Almeida


Founder of the Vine Church and a pioneer in the planting of churches through the life-groups. 


With an apostolic ministry that has impacted Europe, Africa and the Americas.


Pastor and Director of the Vine World (Vine International Ministries)






5000 Coconut Creek Parkway

Margate, FL 33063


Pastor Marcelo: +1 954 798 000




Av. T-3 n 821 Setor Bueno

Ed. Vinha 2º Andar

CEP: 74215-110



vinhainternacional@gmail.com (BR)
thevineworld@gmail.com (EN)




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