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As a family of churches Vine World, through an amazing team of pioneers, plant Churches, train leaders for the work of the ministry, and care for the needy. The Vine International supervises and has a close network of relationship for better supporting our missionary efforts. We exist to inspire and promote evangelism throughout the nations and the planting and growth of Churches. By God's Grace we have seen Life Groups thrive and multiply worldwide.


We believe it is possible to live the wonderful experience of a Church that enjoys the Glory and Move of the Holy Spirit. We also live with the conviction that we can really be a family and not just an Organization. If you want to learn more, please, get closer.

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We are a family of Christian Churches that walk together in love, cooperation and covenant. Our relationship is based on the following aspects:


We are more a family than an organization. In other words, we are together because we want to be together. We acknowledge paternity and authority among us spontaneously, not by denominational obligation.


We experience and enjoy the live action of the Holy Spirit. His gifts, manifestations, and the experience of Baptism in the Holy Spirit are fundamental realities for the triumph of the Church.


We are a Life Groups based Church. The best way to involve each believer in the development of his ministry is through a Life Group. The early church was not temple centered, nor was it based on the clergy system, neither do we want to be.


We are living the Church Restoration. We are inclusive, which means we see ourselves as part of the Church. This is the result of centuries of the Holy Spirit’s work through History. We have a lot from the Reform and from the Baptist and Presbyterian, Methodist and Pentecostal movements that came later. Today, we are determined to serve the Church as the Body of Christ in a perspective of love and openness.


The Vine has two branches. Brazil – supervised by Pastor Aluizio Silva, and Vine World – supervised by Pastor Marcelo Almeida. As of July 2015 we are over 1,000 churches worldwide with more than 262,000 members connected to us.


We were the pioneers of the Life Group (cell group, or small groups) structure in Brazil, and have been involved with this vision since 1984 experiencing wonderful results in quality, leadership training and growth in numbers since then. By the grace of God we have been planting churches that are growing and thriving. This is happening in cities all over Brazil, like Goiania where in 17 years tens of thousands of people have been brought to Christ. In that city, our Church has surpassed the line of 30,000 members, including children. In Sao Paulo we are more than 15,000 disciples.


In the Vine world we've been able to reach Europe, Africa, all latin America and North America with more than 142 churches. Impacting local communities and changing culture.


By the Grace of God, the Vine family of Churches are in some cases the largest in the cities. This is the case in Cuzco, Peru; Maua, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil; Beira, capital of the province of Sofala in Mozambique and in many other cities.

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